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  • Green miracle (500ml)

    Green Miracle is a new-generation, reflective type of anti-transpirant and anti-stress product. Green Miracle functions primarily on the principle of reflecting the sun’s rays.
    When applied, it forms a thin glassy film-coat, which reflects light more than it would occur under normal conditions. This prevents the thermic effect of light on plant tissues. It, therefore, prevents water loss from plants, improves drought resistance, and improves product quality and appearance.
    Foliar spray – Mix 3-5ml of Green miracle per 1L of water. The requirement of the spray fluid volume varies with the crop canopy and the customary local practice in vogue. Compatibility Green Miracle is compatible with most of the foliar pesticides. However, a jar test and application in a small area is recommended to test for compatibility before tank use.

  • Kara 1ltr

    KARA is a liquid fertilizer balanced in N-P-K, enriched with micro-elements and natural bio-stimulants, with high-quality components and fast assimilation, ideal for application, especially by foliar applications. By its application, we correct deficiencies and favor notably the aspect of the treated crops, as well as their vegetative development with the increase of photosynthetic activity
    Promotes fruit fattening and healthy fruits for a bumper harvest
    Increases sugar content and promotes sugar distribution within the fruits & plants
    Boosts crop growth & delays plant senescence (aging)
    Promotes ripening
    KARA provides energy for a better vegetative development
    Activates the metabolism of the plants in moments of flowering
    Gives crops resistance to adverse environmental conditions
    Passion fruits, Tomatoes, Oranges, Beans, Pawpaws, Pineapples, G.nuts, Coffee e.t.c
    Apply during fruiting (Mix 50-60ml in 20 liters of water)

    Kara 1ltr

    23,000 UGX
  • Super green 500ml

    This booster gives exceptional results when applied during nutrient deficiency spells since it has been specially formulated for rapid absorption and response.
    Super green comes in 2 major formulations i.e Liquid ( & Granule (19.19.19) both formulations contain NPK and trace elements like Mg, B, Fe, Zn etc.
    Liquid: Mix 60-80ml per 20L of water and apply on foliage.
    Granule: Mix 50-100g in 20L of water and apply on foliage.Utilize Super green during early establishment and through vegetative growth of the crop for optimum results. Application interval is 14-21 days

    Super green 500ml

    7,000 UGX