• Megaplus (250ml)

    Sold By: Vermipro LTD

    Mega Plus is offered as a liquid probiotic product containing several strains of naturally-occurring microbes effective in ensuring healthy poultry and is ideal for commercial and organic poultry units as well as domestic flocks. Mega Plus will help establish a pleasant environment with safer levels of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
    • Boosts natural immunity
    • Controls ammonia produced by birds’ droppings
    • Improves feed conversion ratio (FCR)
    • Boosts egg production
    • Improves growth rates and meat quality in broilers
    • Dilute 10ml to 10L of non-chlorine water (1:1,000)
    • Give as drinking water to birds preferably on a daily basis.
    • During treatment or vaccination, stop
    • application 4-7 days after treatment, then resume

    Sold By: Vermipro LTD

    Megaplus (250ml)

    14,300 UGX

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